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8/8/2018 9:00 AMUsing Innovation Games to engage your SharePoint/Office 365 users
As SharePoint/Office 365 practitioners, one of our most important jobs is driving user engagement. We need to educate and inspire our users to learn about and leverage these technologies to drive Digital Workplace improvements. But how do we drive engagement, interest, and enthusiasm? 
This session introduces Innovation Games, an inventive method of engaging your end-users. You'll learn how gaming strategies can help you gather requirements, build consensus, drive strategic direction, determine business/technology priorities, and recover broken workstreams and projects. Don't miss your chance to experience Innovation Games firsthand! You'll leave with fresh ideas on how to liven up your meetings and drive interest and engagement in SharePoint/Office 365.
Sarah Haase
7/11/2018 9:00 AMOffice 365 Groups from the end user to the administrator
Let’s get started with modern collaboration! Office 365 Groups are a solution developed with people and collaboration in mind. These Groups are providing a new way for your team to work together and new challenges as an administrator. If you are in Office 365 or moving to it, you will need to learn what Office 365 Groups are and how they fit in into your enterprise. We are going to break down Groups from a technical level and see what experiences you have from an end user to strategies to govern them as an administrator.
Drew Madelung
6/13/2018 9:00 AMSharePoint Conference Recap
Please join us as MNSPUG members have the opportunity to connect with local experts and a member of the product team in the art of SharePoint and Office 365. To kick things off Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, will provide updates from the product team coming out of the SharePoint Conference and will open up the Q&A session. After Mark's Q&A, our local panel will give their reactions to the SharePoint conference which was recently held in Las Vegas. If you weren't able to attend, this is your opportunity to ask a SharePoint product team member and our panel questions around what they heard, what they are excited about and what you should be looking at based on the information provided out of SPC. The panelists are sure to discuss announcements regarding Content Services, PowerApps and Flow, SharePoint Framework, SharePoint 2019, Microsoft Teams, and any other questions you may have. Leading up to the meeting, we invite you to give us topics to discuss. There already is a thread started for the meeting on Yammer. If you are not part of Yammer and want to participate, please click on the link and request an invite:
Mark Kashman; Liz Sundet; Sarah Haase; Noah Spannbauer; Matthew Ruderman
5/9/2018 9:00 AMMember Case Studies
It’s your turn to shine!!! We always have a great response to real world case studies and this month will feature members of the MNSPUG community sharing their stories on specific use cases.  All of those who submitted were asked to talk about the following during their presentation:

• What was the business need?
• What options did you have (if any)?
• Why did you choose this option?
• How did you implement?
• Was there any ROI after implementation?
Here are the members and what they will be presenting:
Joseph Satre – Carver County
Modernizing the invoicing and payment tracking system used by Jail Services
Learn how Carver County utilized SharePoint with external systems to track payments and invoices by connecting CIS and utilizing Business Connectivity Services and Nintex to pull it all together with some light JavaScript development.
Noah Spannbauer – Minnesota Twins
Using the SharePoint Framework to develop a central event based visual solution
Important event information critical to the operation of the business is kept in multiple locations: SharePoint, SQL Server, Excel, Publisher, and Outlook public folders. Executives and Managers have to go to multiple places to locate event information so they can make informed decisions that impact the business, in which they aren’t able to quickly make business critical decision regarding events.  By developing a SharePoint Framework client-side web part that leverages PnP JS we were able to retrieve event information using SharePoint Search and displaying the results in a single calendar view using an open-source Full Calendar project.
Don Donais – Ameriprise Financial
Using SharePoint to manage SharePoint
Moving from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online can be a daunting task, even with a small farm.  Moving all of the content into a new site architecture needs to have high visibility and tracking throughout the long process.  See how we used SharePoint to manage our process of moving to the cloud to ensure no site was left behind, unless we wanted it to.
Joseph Satre; Noah Spannbauer; Don Donais
4/11/2018 9:00 AMWhat you get with Office 365 Hybrid
Hybrid functionality has been created as the bridge to Office 365 for those that are hesitant with a full deployment in the cloud or that have regulatory requirements to keep certain data on-premise.  Different services throughout Office 365 offer diverse types of functions when it comes to a hybrid architecture, with some allowing native migrations to others providing cloud services to on-premise data.  During this session, we will identify the ways in which hybrid architectures can be utilized throughout Office 365 and clear up what functionality is available based on the hybrid service.  Whether your organization has on-premise deployments or are already migrated to the cloud, this session will help you understand how hybrid architectures affects what is available for you based on your deployment.
Brian Caauwe
3/14/2018 9:00 AMSharePoint 101 - Back to Basics
Throughout our work with collaboration platforms, we take for granted the core functionality with SharePoint, so now is the time to take a step back and get back to basics.  This session will help you to ground a solid base of knowledge.  Topics include, but not limited to:
 • SharePoint Terminology and Architecture
 • Core features and functionality
 • Permissions management
 • Content management
During this meeting, YOUR will be asked to provide feedback on these features on how it's successfully being used throughout your organization. 
Brian Caauwe
2/14/2018 9:00 AMMicrosoft Flow: the successor to SharePoint Designer Workflows
Microsoft Flow is a new Office 365 service that can help you manage your data and workloads. Microsoft Flow enables you to synchronize files, collect information from users and systems, get notifications when specific actions have taken place, and much more.
During this session you’ll get an introduction to the Microsoft Flow service, see several use cases, and learn how you can get started building flows. We’ll also discuss the future of SharePoint Designer and the road-map for Microsoft Flow.
Speaker Information:
Daniel is a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP with 14 years’ experience building technology solutions, intranets and extranets. As a Practice Lead for InfoWorks, Daniel helps organizations of all sizes solve complex data challenges by implementing Office 365 and SharePoint without the need of customization and costly investments.

Daniel is a sought-after trainer, providing customized Power BI and Microsoft Flow training for companies around the world. He’s also passionate about giving back and building the Microsoft technical community. Daniel holds leadership roles in various local user groups, serves as an organizer for SharePoint Saturday Nashville, and is a co-host for the popular REgarding 365 “The Week That Was” show on You can follow Daniel online at and @DanielGlenn on Twitter.
Daniel Glenn
1/10/2018 9:00 AMSecrets of the Fire Swamp - SharePoint Framework Development Simplified
TypeScript, NodeJS, Gulp, Yoeman....Inconceivable!!! In this session we will reveal how you can develop Modern Experience SharePoint Framework Web Parts and Extensions with a simplified approach using only JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Additionally, use the same methodology for development of Content Query and Content Search and future proof your Web Parts. No TypeScript or any other Framework experience required. Before you know it, you'll have SharePoint saying, 'As You Wish.....'
David Warner
12/13/2017 9:00 AMSocial Collaboration: A Postcard From the Trenches
The fireworks around Ignite have quieted. Now, once more, it’s up to company champions of new, collaborative ways of working. We must pull together all the news, update the strategies, and keep pushing the front lines forward. Join us to talk about the challenges and share best practices, as we support adoption, governance and value in real world companies with resistant partners and cultures.
Leading discussion and sharing perspectives:
- Michelle Gilbert, Collaboration Solution Architect, U.S. Bank
- Darin Hawley, Enterprise Architect, SuperValu
- Melanie Hohertz, Digital Productivity Lead, Cargill
Melanie Hohertz; Michelle Gilbert; Darin Hawley
11/8/2017 9:00 AMPowerApps: What SharePoint Users Need to Know
Have you been a user of SharePoint Designer? InfoPath? Access Services? How are you building business solutions today? Microsoft PowerApps is the successor to InfoPath and targets the business user and power user gaps left between SharePoint’s out of the box capabilities and custom development.
SharePoint users need to understand how Microsoft PowerApps adds business value by extending SharePoint: from building mobile apps, to custom forms, to powerful business solutions. While PowerApps and SharePoint integration is relatively new, it is rapidly changing and is a tool critical for SharePoint users to understand.
Wes Preston
10/11/2017 9:00 AMMicrosoft Ignite Recap – Panel
Please join us as MNSPUG members have the opportunity to connect with local experts in the art of SharePoint. This panel discussion will focus on recapping the Microsoft Ignite conference which was recently held in Orlando. If you weren't able to attend, this is your opportunity to ask our panel questions around what they heard, what they are excited about and what you should be looking at based on the information provided out of Ignite. The panelists are sure to discuss announcements regarding Hub Sites, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, SharePoint Framework, Office 365 Groups, Modern Team Sites, SharePoint 2019 and any other questions you may have.  We currently have the following panelists available to discuss YOUR topics: Brian Danberry, Michelle Gilbert, Rhonda Mulkey, Steve Nguyen, Trevor Huinker and Wes Preston. Leading up to the meeting, we invite you to give us topics to discuss.  There already is a thread started for the meeting on Yammer. If you are not part of Yammer and want to participate, please click on the link and request an invite:
Brian Danberry; Michelle Gilbert; Rhonda Mulkey; Steve Nguyen; Trevor Huinker; Wes Preston
9/13/2017 9:00 AMDeveloping your Intranet Content Strategy like a Coder
Yes’ you read that right and ‘No’ this session isn’t going to teach you how to code. When it comes to putting together a solid intranet content strategy, we can learn a lot from how object-oriented programmers manage their code. In this session, join Virgil Carroll as he walks you through building your intranet content strategy from the ground up. We will explore how to model like a coder to create more manageable content, share content across multiple locations, and treat content as ‘one source of the truth’.
Virgil Carroll
8/9/2017 9:00 AMBuild Accountability into Your SharePoint Designer Workflow Solutions
This session is a customer case study on the creation of an HR Sales Onboarding Application. The application architecture started with a weekly accountability report delivered to the president of the company with further requirements and design decisions stemming from there.
Development and implementation involved just about every aspect of SharePoint/SharePoint Designer 2013 development, and includes: content types, multiple workflows, web services to start workflows, looping parameter lists to generate tasks, date table lookups for workdays, automatic document generation, task views for contributors, a separate messaging management workflow, JavaScript tabbed form (thanks Mark Rackley) and support for authenticated external contributors. The main feature is a management dashboard and final report created using Excel 2016 BI techniques including: connection to a task list view, Get & Transform (aka Power Query), Pivot table, and conditional formatting.
While this application is an HR Sales Onboarding solution, the architecture and techniques can be applied to any situation where multiple projects run in parallel with the same work breakdown structure (task list). The solution was designed for Office 365 SharePoint Online, but should work in an on-premises environment for SharePoint 2013/2016.
Don’t miss this session! It has something for everyone. Join us to fully understand the problem, the design decisions made, and the details of how the solution was created.
Bob Bruce; Jeremy Marshall
7/12/2017 9:00 AMSharePoint’s New Swiss Army Knife: The Content Search Web Part
Each release of SharePoint has delivered new tools to make SharePoint sites sparkle, but few of these tools have been as exciting as SharePoint 2013’s Content Search Web Part (CSWP). Much like a Swiss Army Knife, the CSWP can be manipulated and configured in a multitude of ways. It can be used for everything from showing basic search results to displaying personalized content that is both interactive and dynamically generated. Whether you are using SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud, and whether you are “just” an end-user or a hard-core developer, the CSWP is one built-in web part you will want to understand in order to make your SharePoint sites shine. In this demo-heavy session, you will learn what you need to know to become productive with the CSWP in no time at all.
1. Dive into how the CSWP works and how it can be configured
2. Identify where the CSWP can be used and when there are better options
3. Demonstrate how the CSWP can be used in-place of custom code for certain scenarios
Sean McDonough
6/14/2017 9:00 AMIdentities in SharePoint
What’s at the core of SharePoint? Infrastructure, Development, Metadata? No it’s the Identities!

Come to this month’s MNSPUG to learn from Max Fritz on how identities are at the core of SharePoint, and how we can manage them. For SharePoint Online users, we’ll go over Azure AD (the identity framework for Office 365), how synchronization works, and some features we can setup such as conditional access. For SharePoint On Premises users, we’ll talk about how SharePoint 2010-2016 connect to Active Directory, how identities are synchronized, and how to customize and troubleshoot that. We’ll even show how to use Microsoft Identity Manager with SharePoint 2013/2016 to supercharge your synchronization.
Max Fritz
5/10/2017 9:00 AMPanel Discussion
Please join us as MNSPUG members have the opportunity connect with local experts in the art of SharePoint. This panel discussion will provide a wide array of topics from information learned at the latest SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities, the upcoming SharePoint Virtual Summit, and updates in the world of SharePoint and Office 365. This is your opportunity to ask our panel questions around their knowledge, experiences, what they are excited about and what you should be looking at. Any topic is up for discussion surrounding the SharePoint universe such as SharePoint on premise, Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Governance, User Adoption and much more. We currently have the following experts available to discuss YOUR topics: Wes Preston, Max Fritz, Martin Schmidt, Don Donais and Raymond Mitchell. Leading up to the meeting we invite you to give us topics to discuss. There already is a thread started for the meeting on Yammer. If you are not part of Yammer and want to participate, please click on the link and request an invite:
Wes Preston; Max Fritz; Martin Schmidt; Don Donais; Raymond Mitchell
4/12/2017 9:00 AMMicrosoft Teams: A new way to collaborate
Microsoft has released Teams to Office 365 to enable an additional way for collaboration with conversations and files.  During this session we will walk through the dependencies with Microsoft Teams and how it taps into the resources throughout Office 365 so you can understand how you need to prepare your environment for the release of this new feature set.  In addition to the features you get when creating a team, we will also discuss connectors, tabs and integrations that you can leverage to provide a launching pad for collaboration throughout your organization.
Brian Caauwe
3/8/2017 9:00 AMBusiness Apps and Processes with Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and SharePoint
Not every business problem can be solved with off-the-shelf solutions, and developing custom solutions has traditionally been too costly and time consuming for many of the needs teams and departments face—especially projects that integrate across multiple data sources or require delivery across multiple devices from desktop to mobile. As a result, too many technology needs end up unsolved or under-optimized. People piece together spreadsheets, email chains, silo-based workflows and manual processes to fill in the gaps.   While SharePoint workflows can help, they are often viewed as difficult to create and manage, become blockers to upgrades and migrations,  and have limited access to all needed systems and information.
By combining Microsoft Flow and PowerApps with SharePoint and other services, you can automate many of these processes , eliminating manual steps and the work involved in them. IN this SPUS session we’ll review the capabilities PowerApps and Flow capabilities and show how they integrate with and extend SharePoint and other services.
Doug Splinter
2/8/2017 9:00 AMSharePoint Governance and Best Practices
Governance and Best Practices are amongst the most commonly used buzz words around the SharePoint platform.  This month we will discuss what makes Governance work or fail, how Best Practices evolve over time and are NOT always the same for each deployment or organization. 
Be prepared to share your stories around Governance and Best Practices for your organization, more specifically what works and WHY it does. 
Brian Caauwe
1/11/2017 9:00 AMSharePoint 101
It's the beginning of the year, so it's time to take a look at the core features of SharePoint that we tend to take for granted as we tend to get distracted with new features and functionality being available. This meeting will focus on SharePoint 101 which will help you re-establish a solid base of knowledge that will be built on throughout the rest of the year. Topics will include but not limited to: • SharePoint Terminology & Structure • Content Types, Content Types, Content Types • Why is Metadata important and How to Use it • How to move away from the SharePoint four letter word "Folders" • SharePoint Pages • Permissions • Utilizing the Recycling Bin • Alerts and Notifications • Web Parts/App Parts • Much, much more!! During the meeting, members will be asked to provide feedback on these features in how it's successfully being used throughout their organization. We may even take time to break into smaller groups, which is a great way for teams to work together and apply what has been learned throughout the session. Make this one resolution you won't break through the year and focus on the foundation that is SharePoint.
Trevor Huinker
12/14/2016 9:00 AMUnderstanding the Collaboration Toolkit
With an ever-growing landscape of collaboration tools available for us, we often have difficulties understanding what tool should be used for what types of collaboration. During this session, we will elaborate on all options inside our existing Microsoft collaboration toolkit to determine each tools purpose, value, guidance and warnings. From SharePoint to Yammer to Office 365 groups and Skype for Business we will talk about the usage scenarios and how to combine these tools together to solve business requirements.
Brian Caauwe
11/9/2016 9:00 AMBranding SharePoint Rebooted – Online or OnPrem
Alter the look, feel, and even functionality of _every page_ in every SharePoint Site in your entire Site Collection! ◾No Solutions ◾No Features ◾No SharePoint Add-Ins (Apps for SharePoint) ◾No Add-In Webs (App Webs) ◾No Composed Looks ◾No Custom Master Pages ◾No Design Manager ◾No Publishing Page Layouts (unless you need them) Apply your “brand” (jQuery, custom JavaScript, custom CSS) with the click of a button, remove it just as easily. Update your assets using whatever editor suits your fancy: Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, Sublime Text, Hot Dog Pro (is that really still a thing), etc. Every page? Yep… including application pages (_layouts), Web Part pages, wiki pages, dialog pages, publishing pages (if you insist); including every page in all future child Sites as well. Change virtually anything you want: ◾Change the color, size, background of virtually any element ◾Hide elements that you don’t want the user to see, provide a UX to resurface it if you wish ◾Alter the color for each calendar in SharePoint Calendar Overlays ◾Remove “Pages” from the SharePoint breadcrumb ◾Add animations and transitions, anything jQuery can do really ◾And so much more! If you have a general understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and need to brand SharePoint, this session is for you.
Todd Bleeker
10/12/2016 9:00 AMMicrosoft Ignite Recap - Panel
Please join us as MNSPUG members have the opportunity connect with local experts in the art of SharePoint. This panel discussion will focus on recapping the Microsoft Ignite conference which was recently held in Atlanta. If you weren't able to attend, this is your opportunity to ask our panel questions around what they heard, what they are excited about and what you should be looking at based on the information provided out of Ignite. These discussions can be around any topic surrounding the SharePoint universe such as SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Office Groups, Delve, Forms, Governance, User Adoption, and much more. We currently have the following panelists available: Dennis Alexander, Michelle Gilbert, Johnny Harbieh, DJ Reardon and Eileen Stanley
Dennis Alexander; Michelle Gilbert; Johnny Harbieh; Eileen Stanley; DJ Reardon
9/14/2016 9:00 AMSharePoint Tips and Tricks
This session will focus on tips and tricks for site owners and end users. During this session we will also be asking for feedback from attendees on YOUR favorite tips and tricks that you have found useful that may benefit the community.
Don Donais
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