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August 2019 MNSPUG


The governance of SharePoint provisioning

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Over the last few surveys, the community has asked for a session on Governance, so we will take this opportunity to look at the provisioning of SharePoint sites. 
In the world of on-premises administrator typically had full control over who, or what, had the ability to create sites and site collections based on the global governance.  Office 365 has turned that methodology on its head by allowing sites to be created from SharePoint Home, and Office 365 Group, Microsoft Team, Microsoft Planner and more.  Successful deployments AND continued adoption rely on the right methodology for the creation of these assets for YOUR organization that can change over time.  Today your environment may be configured like a bank vault where only certain individuals have the proper keys or like Oprah where everyone gets a site, come to talk about your experiences and issues with site provisioning.
This session will walk through the options of provisioning strategies such as the Wild West, Admin controlled and self-service requests.  Regardless of if you are still on-premises or in Office 365, understanding your options and sharing with the community the pro's and con's for these strategies can assist you in making sure you have the right amount of control of your environment based on your business requirements.



Start Time

8/14/2019 9:00 AM

End Time

8/14/2019 11:30 AM


Brian Caauwe

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