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March 2019 MNSPUG


Getting Started with PowerApps

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Over the last few surveys, the community has asked for a session on PowerApps at MNSPUG, so let's get started. 
After the unofficial funeral march for InfoPath occurred at the SharePoint Conference in 2014, users have been looking at the evolution of forms related to SharePoint.  Now entering stage right, the modern business application tool of PowerApps.  Now that SharePoint Online has deep integration to PowerApps, and it has been dubbed the heir-apparent modern forms in SharePoint we can start our journey away from InfoPath.
This session will give you the foundational knowledge on the differences between canvas and model driven applications, how you can enhance your forms connecting to multiple data sources, manipulating data with formulas, and how to setup your app for success.



Start Time

3/13/2019 9:00 AM

End Time

3/13/2019 11:30 AM


Brian Caauwe

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