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August 2017 MNSPUG


Build Accountability into Your SharePoint Designer Workflow Solutions

Topic Details

This session is a customer case study on the creation of an HR Sales Onboarding Application. The application architecture started with a weekly accountability report delivered to the president of the company with further requirements and design decisions stemming from there.
Development and implementation involved just about every aspect of SharePoint/SharePoint Designer 2013 development, and includes: content types, multiple workflows, web services to start workflows, looping parameter lists to generate tasks, date table lookups for workdays, automatic document generation, task views for contributors, a separate messaging management workflow, JavaScript tabbed form (thanks Mark Rackley) and support for authenticated external contributors. The main feature is a management dashboard and final report created using Excel 2016 BI techniques including: connection to a task list view, Get & Transform (aka Power Query), Pivot table, and conditional formatting.
While this application is an HR Sales Onboarding solution, the architecture and techniques can be applied to any situation where multiple projects run in parallel with the same work breakdown structure (task list). The solution was designed for Office 365 SharePoint Online, but should work in an on-premises environment for SharePoint 2013/2016.
Don’t miss this session! It has something for everyone. Join us to fully understand the problem, the design decisions made, and the details of how the solution was created.



Start Time

8/9/2017 9:00 AM

End Time

8/9/2017 11:30 AM


Bob Bruce; Jeremy Marshall

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