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November 2016 MNSPUG


Branding SharePoint Rebooted – Online or OnPrem

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Alter the look, feel, and even functionality of _every page_ in every SharePoint Site in your entire Site Collection! ◾No Solutions ◾No Features ◾No SharePoint Add-Ins (Apps for SharePoint) ◾No Add-In Webs (App Webs) ◾No Composed Looks ◾No Custom Master Pages ◾No Design Manager ◾No Publishing Page Layouts (unless you need them) Apply your “brand” (jQuery, custom JavaScript, custom CSS) with the click of a button, remove it just as easily. Update your assets using whatever editor suits your fancy: Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, Sublime Text, Hot Dog Pro (is that really still a thing), etc. Every page? Yep… including application pages (_layouts), Web Part pages, wiki pages, dialog pages, publishing pages (if you insist); including every page in all future child Sites as well. Change virtually anything you want: ◾Change the color, size, background of virtually any element ◾Hide elements that you don’t want the user to see, provide a UX to resurface it if you wish ◾Alter the color for each calendar in SharePoint Calendar Overlays ◾Remove “Pages” from the SharePoint breadcrumb ◾Add animations and transitions, anything jQuery can do really ◾And so much more! If you have a general understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and need to brand SharePoint, this session is for you.



Start Time

11/9/2016 9:00 AM

End Time

11/9/2016 11:30 AM


Todd Bleeker

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