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August 2014 Meeting


Branding SharePoint

Topic Details

August MNSPUG is about Branding SharePoint Branding SharePoint has been one of these topics that has requested year after year. Finally, I am proud to say we have a great opportunity to listen to two great speakers around this subject for August's meeting. We first will have a long time MNSPUG member talk about designing for web followed by a User Experience consultant give you specifics about branding within the SharePoint environment. Use C.R.A.P to Improve your Website Design - Lynn Figg Are you often called upon to make the content of a site look better even though ‘design’ is not in your title or your background?  Have you ever looked at an intranet page and know it could look better?  By learning just a bit about the BIG FOUR basics of design (Contrast- Repetition- Alignment-Proximity), you can make significant improvements web site and other content presentations.  The audience for this session are non-designers who want to develop an understanding of basic design principles. Website examples will be presented to demonstrate each concept. The goals are of this session include: Understanding the definition of each design principle, Ability to communicate with others about these principles, Learning how to apply each concept to improve presentation of content Branding Your SharePoint Environment - Steven Ray Sometimes branding is an inevitable component of a SharePoint environment. However, unlike a typical website SharePoint can be a little tricky to brand. Steven Ray has been implementing branding designs within the a SharePoint environment for a number of years. His session will look at some of the intricacies around branding a SharePoint environment and give you an inside look at how to best implement. Vendor Sponsored Lunch Provided by AvePoint Joseph Bartnik, Technical Solutions Professional from AvePoint will be talking on the subject of: Site Provisioning and the Complexity It Can Create In a governed SharePoint environment, the provisioning of SharePoint sites can cause unnecessary overhead during the creation process.  Learn how AvePoint can help you configure policies for when and where sites are created while enforcing the correct branding and other configurations automatically.


Microsoft Technology Center - Edina

Start Time

8/13/2014 9:00 AM

End Time

8/13/2014 10:00 AM


Lynn Figg; Steven Ray

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