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June 2014 Meeting


What you Need to Know about Office 365

Topic Details

Microsoft has made it very apparent that they are committed to giving their customers an incredible "Cloud" experience. There has been a lot of investments around the Office 365 platform and a vast majority of add-on components that is making the "Cloud" a viable solution for many organizations. This month's MNSPUG will look at the Office 365 platform, discuss the different features and capabilities, and look at how companies are strategically looking at using a "Cloud" solution for their overall IT strategy.
Topics will include:
 • Office 365 Feature Set
 • Strategies around Single Sign-On
 • Office 365 Add-On Features including OneDrive
 • General Question and Answer


Microsoft Technology Center

Start Time

6/11/2014 9:00 AM

End Time

6/11/2014 10:00 AM


Don Donais; Brian Caauwe

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