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April 2014 Meeting


SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities 2014 Revisted

Topic Details

We are going to bring you two of the presentations that occurred this weekend at SharePoint Saturday here in the Twin Cities. A special thank you to Liz Sundet and Raymond Mitchell for stepping in last minute.

Liz Sundet: Everyone Loves SharePoint - Keys to Training People for Successful SharePoint Projects

Adults learn in a variety of ways and much different from kids. Many of the traditional training techniques are used, but few really work for everyone. In this session, you will explore the different learning styles in the VARK model, the different ways to train users on SharePoint, and what works best for different situations. Techniques include traditional classroom to coaching to gamification. Things to think about from day to day or when planning your next training session.

Raymond Mitchell: Intro to Apps

Overview of Apps for Office and SharePoint:
1. What are they? (Power Users)
2. What's needed to run them. (Admin)
3. What's needed to create them. (Developers)


Microsoft Technology Center

Start Time

4/9/2014 9:00 AM

End Time

4/9/2014 10:00 AM


Raymond Mitchell; Liz Sundet

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