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February 2014 Meeting


You Just Inherited a SharePoint Site!

Topic Details

Inheriting a SharePoint site can be an exhilarating and scary proposition for anyone. Some questions that need to be answered include:

"Are you equipped to understand the terminology and basic site owner capabilities?"
"What do you do to figure out what is happening within this site?"
"What options do you have to fix some of the most basic of issues within the site"

The February meeting will look at this dilemma and give some pointers on how to manage and fix the issues within the site.

Topics covered during this meeting include:
 • Out of the Box permissions for Site Owners/Power Users
 • Understanding structure of SharePoint sites
 • Understanding basic features of SharePoint
 • Resources to help with continued training
 • Much, much more!

We Need Your Input!
We are soliciting examples of what new Site Owners have dealt with within their sites. Examples could include issues with permissions, or we are currently using nested folders and how do we change to using metadata. If you have any suggestions for the presentation please email at


Microsoft Technology Center

Start Time

2/12/2014 9:00 AM

End Time

2/12/2014 10:00 AM


Don Donais

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