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May 2012 MNSPUG


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Using SharePoint Web Parts

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Like in the story of Snow White, the Queen looks into her mirror to find something she is looking for, we also have the ability to find what we are looking for within SharePoint. SharePoint Web Parts has a simple mantra, display information that is found inside or outside of SharePoint in a specific way that helps the user find what they are looking for. However simple that may be the true power is in the multitudes of Web Parts and the customizations that can be done. Based on over whelming feedback from MNSPUG members we are happy to have the May event talk about SharePoint Web Parts.

This session will be for all audiences (IT Pro, Developers, Site Owners, End Users) since it is always good to know what is available out of the box before going down a different road. This session will cover material from SharePoint 2007 and 2010 and will dive into some coding when talking about Content Query Web Parts and XSLT. Knowledge level for this is between 100 & 200 level.


Microsoft Technical Center

Start Time

5/9/2012 9:00 AM

End Time

5/9/2012 10:00 AM


Beth Beck; Don Donais

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